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FRF units change bug?


Hello. I’m using NX10 response simulation on SOL 103.

I plotted an FRF and when I change the ordinate units editing it directly in the graph,  the values update, but when I do it with RMB in the curve at the tree > edit > Data attributes, the data do not update and only the ordinate label change.

Is this some kind of bug?

err1.jpgbefore editing unitserr2.jpgaftererr3.PNGRMB in the curve in the Tree


Re: FRF units change bug?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

This is correct behavior:


  1. When you edit the graph, you are telling the software to plot data that is stored as mm/mN using mm/N units. The software does the units conversion and displays the results in the new units - so the values change.
  2. When you edit the data attributes of the curve you are telling the software what units the real data values in the curve are. The software does not change (scale) the real data itself in this case, so displayed values are unchanged.