How could i find my tensile and Compression components in NX Nastran result section?



I have modelled a 1D Bar element and applied a bending force and fixed it at the other end . I am intereseted in knowing the Tensile and compression stress in NX Nastran. I have worked earlier in Hypermesh where there is a concept of CDEF points,where C , E  are the points in Y axis and D ,F  are points in Z axis and when my bar element's orientation is in X axis (Force applied in Y direction bending condition). I could find Zero Stress in Z axis while i could find tensile and compreesive stress in Y Axis points(C and E points).


Could find the same in NX NAstran.Please find below images of my NX Nastran Loads and Boundary Conditions.Also attached a image from Hypermesh CDEF concept diagram.



Dinesh Babu