How to delete Mesh mating conditions in correct way

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Today, I ask for a problem that has been haunting me for a long time and I have never been able to solve.

Assume that I am using Mesh Mating- Free Coincident between two surface parts of a model to have coincident nodes where then I will define a Surface-to-Surface Contact.

However, many times I have not been able to define the mesh coupling optimally or I have defined it between wrong surfaces. So, in these cases, I deleted the mesh mating created from the Simulation Navigator of the fem file and I updated the mesh.

In any case, even if the mating was no longer present in the Simulation Navigator (and the graphic symbol is no longer visible in the model), the surfaces remain partitioned.

I have never been able to solve this problem and most of the time I was forced to recreate the fem model file, starting again from the CAD or idealized geometry.


Obviously this problem is related also with the Mesh Mating-Glue Coincident, not only the Free.


Does anyone know how to delete mating correctly?



Re: How to delete Mesh mating conditions in correct way

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You want to use the Recreate Only or Recreate and Update tools to make the polygon bodies in the FEM match the CAD body in the .prt. These tools are available by RMB clicking on the polygon body in the Simulation Navigator. More info on the operations these two tools perform is available in the Tools for identifying and repairing polygon body problems help file.