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Import igs solid model degenerates curved cylinders


Hi all,

This is happening since I started using this, but I have always found a workaround to solve this. However, in this occasion there is no time for a workaround. I've created the igs from Catia, specifying "Export as solid/shells".

CATIA V5 - [Product2_20180703.igs].pngigs imported in Catia to check whether geometry has been exported correctlyNX 11 - igs import.pngImporting igs created from assemblyNX 11 - igs import right geometry, too many surface bodies.pngIGS imported right, but too many surface bodies, more than 1000

No matter how I import the igs, no right solids are created, either the circular elbows become toroids or the surfaces are not sewn and no solids are found. Would you have any clue about how to solve this?


Thank you in advace,