Mesh Mating Conditions


What are the applications of the mesh mating conditions available in Nx?. 

Also I have attached a jpeg file of my model, need to know if any mesh mating conditions can be used to transfer loads to the 3D elements if load is applied on free end of 2D element.


Re: Mesh Mating Conditions

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Mesh Mating Conditions (MMC) are designed to work between faces of 3D polygon bodies that are touching each other. As such they won't work for your example.


I would recommend defining Glue Constraint Sim Objects in the SIM to transfer the load from the 2D polygon body to the 3D polygon body. I'm not sure how the bodies are suppose to be connected but if the load is meant to flow through just the edge of the 2D polygon body then use an Edge-to-Surface glue constraint and if the load is meant to flow through the faces of 2D polygon body then use Surface-to-Surface glue constraints.