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Model with SE that runs with MSC 2017 causes NX NASTRAN 12.0.2 to crash with access violation

Solution Partner Experimenter Solution Partner Experimenter
Solution Partner Experimenter

We are working with a customer that uses MSC NASTRAN 2017.

A simple test model with Super Elements is accepted by NX NASTRAN 12.0.2  but then crashes with


 MAIN: "Access violation" (C0000005) exception encountered.
 MAIN: For reference, A(MAINAL)   =     7FF698231090, A(/SYSTEM/) =     7FF69BD8A400   
 MAIN:                A(/OPENZZ/) =      1DD6C02D040                                   
 MAIN: Exception occurred at address 00007FF698D9BF40.
 MAIN: Program attempted to access data at location 00007FF79CDD0848.
 MAIN: Context Flags 0010005F


Any clues