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Nastran Rotordynamics SOL 111 Freq dependent stiffness in support structure

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom


Now I model rotordynamic response of shaft with some support structure. When I use CBUSH elements with freq dependent stiffness and damping as supports I got FATAL MESSAGE 1126 (GNFIST).

Wghen i change freq dependent properties as shown in spoiler - solution run correct.

Not ok - I got error 1126
TABLED2       13      0.                                                +       
+             0.1000000.    100.1000001.ENDT
Ok - solution run properly
TABLED2       13      0.                                                +       
+             0.1000000.    100.1000000.ENDT

As seen error appears when my function y values dont match nominal value, entered in PBUSH card.

How can I use suppotring structure with variable stiffness and damping in rotordynamic response?