Need Help with Using kinematic universal connections.


I wanted to model a ball bearing between two 3D components, a knuckle and a hub in an assembly FEM(automobile). I tried doing that using kinematic universal connections by keeping the DOF6 free (as the axis of the bearing would  be), and kept all other DOFs fixed. as i tried to solve it, it shows error 3000 (SITDELC). not sure what to do about this. model setup check shows no errors or warnings and then this happens.


the physical situation is as follows:- a vehicle lands only on one of the rear wheels, and the subassembly is under the action of torque at the wheel flange. the bearing is positioned between the knuckle and the rotating shaft, whch is what i have tried to model. i can share the model in if you like. 


would be great if someone could take a look and tell me what is wrong with the modeCapture.PNGComplete FEM FILE (Hid the collectors)Capture1.PNGcapture2.PNGSIM FILE