Open unfinished results


I has been doing NX10 simulation with 1 job 8 subcases.  But it took too long time for me,Now Only first half is finished (1st-4th subcase) and i decided that's enough.

Is there anyway for me to stop the simulation and open the results that had been finished?


Re: Open unfinished results

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Unfortunately with SOl 101, there is now way to stop the calculation before it ends, whenever the number of subcases. If too long, maybe the solution is to duplicated the solution in 3 or more solutions and in each solution you put less subcases. Then you have the possibility to launch all the solutions with NX (right click on the top level of the simulation navigator and then "solve all the solutions". Note that this solution "freeze" NX until all solution are resolved. An other choicie is to generate all the .dat files for your solutions (solve->right solver input file) and use a batch file to launch all your analysis.