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In NX11 Pre/Post application, I am trying to make my mesh associative to my NX model.  The model uses pattern face to create a circular array of struts, with an expression driving the number of struts.

Obviously if I just mesh the struts individually in my FEM, and then increase the number of struts, the additional faces won't be meshed.

I was under the impression that in my FEM, I can mesh one strut, and then pattern the mesh in the same way that I patterned the faces in modeling.  How do I do that?  I can't find any documentation.  Also, does it matter if the struts are separate bodies from the revolved surface to which it attached.  The struts should actually but up against the surface, (as shown in the attached image).  So I won't be able to sew the struts (pink) in modeling, I would have to uses some command to glue or sticth each one to the common revolved surface, but I don't know its possible to do that, and still be able to dynamically change the number of struts.  To complicate it, the pink strut protrudes through the inner blue surface, so there is a hole at the inner surface that must be patterned to, but I also can't sew the struts to the inner surface in modeling.  Is it even possible to do this, and if so, how?


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Hi Chandler,


If you have CAD components that are instanced multiple times, you can use the Assembly Fem functionality in Simcenter 3D. You will only have to mesh the component once and it will be positioned according to the transformation matrice in CAD. If a part is instanced multiple times, it will be so in FEM. You can easily update the position or the mapping of the meshes in CAE. If you modify the mesh for one FEM, it will be updated for all instances.


If your CAD is not an assembly, you can generate that in CAD modeling by splitting the bodies and generating multiple components.


The connection can be realized via glue/contact or if you mesh the surfaces accordingly you can also merge the nodes. In assembly FEM you cannot use mating conditions.


Please find more information in the NX/Simcenter documentation:


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the assemembly fem is probably the way to go.

Beware with using the glue/contact option. This must be defined in a .sim (If I am right). so your fem will be "useless" on its own. ie parts not attached. You'll need to define regions and simulation objects for every component you want to glue. if you have half a dozen no a big deal. If you have 100 it's a bit time consuming. Make sure you have a robust numbering approach! If you define an appropriate group in the fem you want to duplicate then it will make life a bit easier

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