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As in commerical pre/post FEA packages, can we remove/mask/exclude the rigid elements and the elements connected to them  in post processing and plot the result (stress contour) after removal?


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Siemens Phenom

NX/Simcenter 3D is a commercial FEA package.


To suppress a general set of elements in Post-Processing, you need to create a group containing those elements in the .sim file. There are many ways to do this. One suggested method for this workflow:


Display only the rigid elements that you ultimately want to hide

  • Options: Toggle entities on/off using show/hide; toggle objecs on/off on the Navigator; Create auto groups by Mesh Type and display only the group containing the rigid link type elements

Use Show Adjacent to add the elements connected to these rigid elements to the display


Create a group of all of the elements in the current display (i.e. the rigid elements + the adjacent elements)


Create the desired Postview display


In the Post Navigator, expand the PostView item; then expand the Groups folder. Right click on the group created above and pick Hide.


Re: Post Processing in NX

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Solution Partner Experimenter

On the Post Processing, when you display a results, there is alwas a Post-View section in the left navigator. Under the Post views, each elements are listed by type (example, 3D elements, 2D elements, 1d elements, connector element, Other (for 0D mesh).

You only need to desselect the connector element type to hide the RBE2 elements. Here all the RBE2 elements will be hidden. The creation of groups will let you to hide and show only those which are in the groups.