Problem with SDAMPING



I am trying to model a single lap union with a viscoelastic adhesive in NX11. Following the instructions in the Advanced Dynamic Guide, I tried to input the storage and shear modulus by the means of two TABLEDi and SDAMPING in a direct frequency response (SOL 108). I edited the .dat file from the original simulation, and when importing it as a new simulation, NX acknowledges the presence of the two TABLEDi in the file but does not incorporate them into the solution. I include attached  the part of the input file in which I made the modifications (only added the TABLEDi and the SDAMPING).

The values from TABLEDi are not representative. I wanted to ensure it works before introducing the real data. If anything else is needed please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

Rafael Vigon