Reduce the Punch file output down to Von Mises Stress



Hello folks,


I have a two Question.

I use Nastran version 2017.1. I am doing a calculation of a rear axle carrier and try to automate the evaluation of the stresses. Therefore i try to go arround the post-processor and write the von Mises stresses into a punch-file.

Now the problem is that the file has for each element(QUAD4) 17 entrys.2 of those entrys are entrys of the von Mises Stress. The rest is not needed. Is there a way to get the punch file with only the von Mises Stress values?


In the picture you can see the punch file with the stresses.punchStress.PNG


2nd Question: Is there a way to get the stresses of the elements with the PID label?


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Re: Reduce the Punch file output down to Von Mises Stress

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This is something that would be much easier to do in a modern post processor that in a punch file. The output datablocks and OFP module do what they do. It would be easier to write a script (i.e. Python) to parse the data you want out of the punch file (Or from .op2 using pynastran) than it would be to try to customize Nastran to change the data in the punch file.