Rotating force created by mass unbalance in propeller



I want to simulate the mass unbalance created by propellers in a quadcopter. I want to do a harmonic analysis to check the frequency response of the propeller blade and other attached component when there is mass unbalance in the propeller. So, if I give forcing frequencies, unbalance force should be m*r*w^2 applied to the model. I want to know how to apply this rotating force due to mass unbalance?? 

Also, can it be done in SOL 108, 111 or do I need to do it in Rotor dynamics SOL 110.






Re: Rotating force created by mass unbalance in propeller

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Gears Phenom

Dynamic behavior of rotating parts vary from non rotating and sometimes difference is great. In ordinary dynamic analisys you first check normal modes in SOL 103 and then calculate response with SOL 108 or 111. In rotordyn you instead of normal modes first check critical speeds and plot a campbell diagram using SOL 107 or SOL 110 - calculate complex modes, and then also calculate response with SOL 108 or 111 but with some rotordyn options. Ckeck Rotor Dynamics User’s Guide to get more information. Note that some rotordyn option cannot be writen via GUI and you must enter it in text input.