SOL 601/106: Exited with invalid status code -1


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I`m trying to solve a model, which was originally built in 2012. I made a small geometry change and want to re-run the model. All contacts, constraints and loads stay the same. The solution starts sucessfully but after some minutes it looks like the solver crashed with status code -1.


the *.op2 file is generated, has 250mb but no solution in it. 


I already tried to reduce the step number from 6 to a single step. I also reduced this single force from 140kN to 140N. As this could have been a contact porblem. Could this be a problem in the model or is it a license problem? from the log file i see that it is checked out successfully and also that the solution is completed. But in my *.f06 you chan see the fatal messages i get. The *.f04 states that no CPU processes were created, which hints to a license error. But the log file says the license is sucessfully checked out. The *.f56 file states more or less the same as the *.f06 file, error in advanced nonlinear module.


The Model was oirginally created with something like NX6 and now we are running SimCenter11.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, I attached all four files.


Re: SOL 601/106: Exited with invalid status code -1

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The solution successfully checked out a license of NX Nastran Basic, which allowed the process to start. However, once it got to the point of actually solving in Adina, it was not able to check out a license of nx_nas_advnlin_ent, so the solution stopped.


You'll need a nxn_nas_advnlin feature to continue.