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Having trouble getting seemly a fairly simple analysis to converge.  I am tightening a call joint between two surfaces and have both surf to sur contact and surf gluing contacts.


The problem I have is that I want to first perform the bolt pull down ( 55KN ) acial load for a M14 bolt and than apply and non linear load (Table) that ramps from zerp to 37K back down to zero. 


This solutions solves no problem using TLA-S solver however it does not tak einto consideration the table load and onyl applies the full load.  I am interested in ramping the load back down to zero to see any permananet set.


When I try the ATS solver it all falls apart.  I have tried various combonations of load steps and parmaetr changes. I even set up a series of spring to hold the ball jont in suspension until the contact surfaces can grab.


Tried different boltsteps, etc.     Any suggestions on how to get a non linear laod to wokr with the TLA-S solver and be able to show the laod ramp back down to zero.




Re: SOL 601 Contact & BoltLoads

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Siemens Creator

At what stage does ATS fall apart - bolt preloading or load application? Can you share the f06 file or the output message with the FATAL? 

Re: SOL 601 Contact & BoltLoads

Thanks for the help. The bolt preload works fine with ATS and TLA-S. I can get the TLA-S to solve with a static load after the preload and also a table load. The problem with the TLA-S is that the table load goes to zero after a load ramp up and the results do not reflect the load impacting the results. Only shows the pre-load even after a complete solutions.

The ATS solves the pre-load and I still cannot get the secondary load to converge. Very frustrating. It seems as if the load is so high that it is causing the contacts to chatter. However, it worked with the TLA-S solver.

At the end of the day I just want to preload the bolt/Stud apply and release a secondary load and measure permanent set deflection.

Yes I can share the file where do you want me to send.


Re: SOL 601 Contact & BoltLoads

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Siemens Phenom

The settings used by the TLA-S method are documented in section 6.2.5 of the Advanced Nonlinear Theory and Modeling Guide


You can configure an ATS solution to use the same stabilization methods while allowing the load to ramp per the table data.