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    I have a student version of NX11 installed. I have been to the IT department and they have removed/re-installed and verified licenses multiple times. When I solve my .sim file, I get two of the three normal pop up screens. The one that you initially hit ok to run solve and the one showing no errors. Something is happening that the solver doesnt fully run. If I click the results I get a .op2 file not found in the path. I have loaded my files on other systems and everything works as should. This is something specific to my computer/install. Can anyone please help/advise so I do not need to continue to wait on the schools IT department?





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First thing to do is to check where the solver is writing output files. It may be in the same location as your .sim  file, or can be different.

To find this from NX Pre post:-


RMB select the Solution and select Browse


This should open a file explorer window to show the solver output files. 

If you are using the NX Nastran solver then you should see a bunch of files with the same name as your .sim file followed by the the solution name.


The .dat file is the input deck.

The .op2 is the results so check this has size bigger than the input deck.

If not then results were not written out.

The .log will tell you if the solver could not start or find a license.

The .f06 will report errrors and warnings, so look for Fatal Errors.

The .f04 will report a time what hapens when and report reeeeesrce issues.


Hope this helps.





Re: Solver


Hi JP,

sometimes it's only  a problem of free disk space. If it's a license  problem there will be an error message.

Best wishes, Michael

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