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Transferring big data from NX to Matlab


Hello everyone. I am running a number of SOL 108 simulations from which I need to read the displacement for every node at each frequency step. I can gather all this information in a .pch file but as you imagine it can get too big, at least 7Gb for each simulation. My problem is that I need this information transfered to Matlab for post-processing. Right now reading the .pch file can take up to a couple of hours for each one of them, that's why I need a faster approach.


I have been looking into pynastran to read directly from the .op2 but I think it mostly supports modal analysis results. I also requested an output .hdf5 format but NX returns "HDF5 OUTPUT IS NOT SUPPORTED FOR THIS SOLUTION SEQUENCE THE HDF5 FILE GENERATED WILL BE DELETED". I have also tried different approaches to read the .pch but without much improvement.


What would be your best attempt to accerelate the import?