Unknown Error Occurred when attempting to show Test Model - Modal Correlation



I'm trying to do a correlation test between my numerical modal (FEM) and experimental one.


The experimental model geometry file has 76 nodes and 196 connections. 


I don't know why but when i click to show the test model, in order to do the alignment with the numerical one, a window appear saying " Unknown Error Occured ". 


But, then i tried to load another test model, a plate with 9 nodes and 17 connections and everything went ok. I was able to see the model, sensors, do the alignment, everything.


Both geometry and mode file were created the same way, with the same matlab program. I already checked them in a visualisation program and everything was ok.

There's any model size limit to do the correlation?


2 images attached to help understanding the problem.


Thank you in advance.

Miguel Duarte