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Viscoelastic material properties in Direct frequency analysis (SOL 108)


Dear NX User


I would like to use sol108 to calculate the dynamic response of viscoelastic materials.


NX Nastran Advanced Dynamic Analysis User's Guide describes how to use the TABLED1 card to represent frequency-dependent shear modulus.


The details are described in the file, but the key is that it is possible to define Tr (f) and TI (f) as shown in Fig.1.

Fig.1 TR(f)_TI(f) definition.JPG 



The next step is shown in below.


Fig.2 How to apply in sol108.JPG


I have two main questions.


The first Question is how to define TABLED1 (such as TR (f) and TI (f)) in NX nastran.


I think it's generated by the Table field, am i right? and what is the dependent variable to define TR(f), TI(f)...


The second question is how to define the sdamping case control command in sol108 case control as shown in the picture below.


As shown in the picture, the sdamping case control card is not displayed on the sol108 edit window.

Fig.3_Case control In sol 108.JPG

I will contact you because I can not solve it for a few days. please answer my question. Thank you.

Please note that I will attach the file I am using.