change the mesh type of solved Nastran Structural to a thermal mesh counterpart


Dear NX-Community,


I'm facing difficulties regarding a solved structural simluation with solver NX NASTRAN. After completion of the aforementioned simulation, I have to re-simulate my model, but now with the thermal solver of NX NASTRAN.


My approach is the following:


0. meshing the geometry by application of a 2D surface mesh with 2D pedendent mapping (cyclic symmetry), manual mesh couplings as decessors for frictional contacts, etc.. (Note: the result is a structural mesh!)


1. setting up the structural sim. with BCs, loads, etc. (SOL 101)


2. perform the structural sim.


3. after successful completion of step 2, adding a new solution of type "thermal" to the model and definition of thermal BCs, temperature loads, ... (SOL 153 or Simcenter Thermal)


When I click on the solve button for a short instant later following message appears in the info box: "...groups contain only geometry but no elements". This is really, really annoying, because in step 0 I've setted up the FE model with STRUCTURAL tet elements. It seems to be impossible to change the structural mesh into a thermal counterpart. For clearness, it's very important for my current project, that the thermal solver solves the model on exactly the same mesh, but now the thermal conditions only. In other FE-software like Abaqus, etc. it is not such a huge problem, to change the simulation type and the appropriate mesh. Exists for NASTRAN something like a workaround?


Greetings, Sebastian