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how to link temperature variation table with temperature load set



im trying to do thermal simulation by using simple solver SOL 101 by introducing temperature variable table data. At temperature set, there is default temperature column. i want to call/ link it with temperature variation table that has been created earlier. But the error comes : " the specific expression variable does not exist. exoression 'temperaturevariation_HCT' not found. Refer attached figure.


Is there any expression just to call back/link the data in temperature set interphase. Appreciate any feedbacks on this issue.




Re: how to link temperature variation table with temperature load set

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

You are trying to specify a temperature variation for the default temperature value. The default temperature entry is a single real value that gets exported to the NXNastran TEMPD card. This specifies the temperature value to be used for any node that does not have a specific temperature load applied.


You need to create a temperature load set, then create a temperature load inside of that load set. The temperature load can reference a spatially varying temperature field because it ultimately generates a unique TEMP card for each node in the input deck.


See the following help: