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let me know how to apply frequency-dependent modulus(for viscoelastic material)


Dear NX Users


I would like to do a Sol103 of Rubber, a kind of viscoelastic material.


As you know,  Young's modulus and the loss factor of viscoelastic vary with frequency.


I used Tabular as shown in Fig.1. However, if I use this function, I need to create OmegaG (Real and Imaginary) and OmegaK (Real and Imaginary) as shown in Fig2.
In my opinion, OmegaG seems to represent the shear Modulus.
So I think OmegaG (Real) is the storage modulus and Omega (Imaginary) is the Loss modulus.
The loss factor is the ratio of loss modulus to Storage modulus. Is it calculated automatically when OmegaG (Real) and OmegaG (Imaginary) are input?
So what does Omega K mean and when should I enter these values?
And if the modulus changes according to the frequency as above, can I use sol103?
I will appreciate any advice you may have.