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how can i move coordinate system on a node? so can i study the displacemente as a function starting from zero.2017-06-06 16_05_38-Foglio di lavoro in UG PostProcessor Results - CCG4Z0571-0031_fem1_i_sim1.sim - .png

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Using NX1876
RuleDesigner PDM


Re: move coordinate system

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What you want to do is mearument from a node instead of the global origin right? If so follow this topic to set the node as the" referecence node".


The coordinate system is still the same but all the mearument will be done frome the reference node.


Otherwise, you cannot "move" the global coordinate system, but you can still create one that is positionned as you want and then use it for post processing.

Close the result, create a coordinate system (use the dynamic method, click on the node you want as origin and then validate). This Csys is in the simulation navigator.

Go back to the results, then click on "set results", change the CSYS to "selected rectangular" and immediately click on the CSYS in the simulation navigator, then validated.


The result will be displayed in the CSYS you chose.