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CFD turbidity simulation Star CMM


Dear all


my analysis exists out of the following


SETUP: I have a big basin with in the center a funnel. The basin is rapidly filled with a mixture of water. when it reaches its maximum height (height of the funnel) it will overflow and water will drop down. the downside of the funnel is in contact with a constant watertabel. 


PROBLEM: i want to simulate the turbidity of the faling water in the constant water table and see which measures in the funnel will work well to lower the turbidity. (the water level inside and outside will not rise) So there will be a benchmark simulation with the design below and then different set ups will be experimented to see if it has an influance. can somebody point me in the right direction how to start this, im completly new with star cmm and only basic knowledge of CFD?


Re: CFD turbidity simulation Star CMM

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Dear Jeroeny,


Thanks for your question


Modeling an unfamiliar scenario in CFD always requires some research to understand what your requirements are in terms of discretisation (meshing) and physics setup. If you are also unfamiliar with the software then the first thing I would recommend is to work through some of the tutorials which are included with Simcenter STAR-CCM+. This will give you a good introduction to how to use the tool, and you can learn about applying multiphase modeling methods by working through tutorials which feature similar flow regimes to those you wish to model.


I think this will give you enough information to start running some simulations. Good luck!