New guys how to start learning star -CCM+?

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I am a new guys in star -ccm+, i want to learn star -ccm+, How to start?


Before i am NX CAM guys.


Re: New guys how to start learning star -CCM+?

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Hi @stephen ,


Below links might be helpful to you:



@Chris_Penny  any other inputs?


GTAC | NX Help: NX1102 | NX1202 | NX1847
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Re: New guys how to start learning star -CCM+?

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Thank you Samadhan for the input!



To get a fundamental understanding of how to use the software, I would reccomend the getting started tutorials that come with the software  After this it depends on what type of simulation you need to work on, but generally I would reccomend looking through a combination of other tutorials, the user guide, and the knowledge base (more on these resoures are covered here). Also, stay tuned to this page for an upcoming update on our e-learning for academia. 

Re: New guys how to start learning star -CCM+?

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I am kinda new to Star CCM+ too. Although I was previously more familiar with Ansys fluent, I think fundamentally the application of the CFD conceptual knowledge is the same.
I am currently going through the Technical Presales certification training provided in the partner development program. I highly recommend it Smiley Happy

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Re: New guys how to start learning star -CCM+?

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Please, let me add another method for learning, not only STAR-CCM+ but CCM (Computational Continuum Mechanics) in general. 


Before starting with STAR-CCM+, you or your sys. admin will need to download the program. So

she/he will face this window




Some of them will also have a look at the folder "Related Files and Documentation" and realized the utility for downloading File number 4 with the Tutorials. This has already been mentioned in previous posts and I do not insist on it. 


The method which was not mentioned before and which is a great way to learn both the program and the physics modelling, in general, is Point number 5: STAR-CCM+VerificationSuite. 


Basically, it includes hundreds of simulations and the corresponding theoretical or experimental results for their validation. These are indeed some of the simulations that need to be tested as OK for a new release to be valid. 


The validation includes citations to the papers and research used.


I´ve included a sample .pdf for one of the many cases included in the validation. 


Finally, you can use those validation cases, for evaluating the influence of the many hundreds of numerical parameters, physical models and properties on a given case. Each validation case can be used as a gauge for every new parameter or property or model you want to try against. 


All this is just a few clicks away from your computer. You just need to access the download page and expand the "Related Files and Documentation" folder. 



Uncompress file number 5 is about 2.8 GB 

Re: New guys how to start learning star -CCM+?

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If you are new to STAR-CCM+, my suggestion would be to go into the tutorials and take the introduction and foundation tutorials to get familiar with the interface.  Once you are done with these, you can select from numerous other tutorials that touch on different topics such as CAD, meshing, different physics, etc. Using this along with the knowledge base in the portal is very useful as the knowledge base has a lot of REALLY good content. The knowledge base contains everything from video tutorials, example sim files, best practice documents, FAQ articles, additional tutorials (one such tutorial is the full build of a NACA 4412 airfoil and it's validation), and much more. I cannot reccomend this enough. 


We also have fantastic e-learning content that includes multiple classes. As of 4/30/2019 this includes:

  • Fundamentals of Simcenter STAR-CCM+
  • Heat Transfer
  • Multiphase in Simcenter STAR-CCM+
  • Data Analysis in Simcenter STAR-CCM+
  • Efficient Workflows in Simcenter STAR-CCM+