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Bigger size sheet

I need to do an as-built floor plan but the current sheet size is to small and in inches only. Is there any way to enlarge the sheet size and set up the units to feet and inches?




Re: Bigger size sheet

Hi @wagurto


If there is only 1 dimension on the page, editing its value changes the scale of the page.  To edit a dimension, double tap it and type in a new value.


As soon as you have 2 or more dimensions editing them changes the size of the curves. 


So - The trick is to edit that 1st dimension to give the page a scale that suits what you are trying to draw.  If you already have a lot of dimensions on the page, you'll have to delete all but 1, edit its value and then re-create the rest.


I hope that helps - let us know how you get on!


Re: Bigger size sheet

Thanks TJ that helps. However, is there anyway to set the unit to feet and inches? It is dificult to sketch large objects in inches. If this fixture is not available yet please consider it for future releases.



Re: Bigger size sheet

Also i have noticed that after i draw some lines and input the correct dimension some lines will move out of the paper space. Can i retrieve the portion of the drawing out of the paper? Can i enlarge the paper size after the drawing started? Why can we have unlimited drafting area as any cad system?

Re: Bigger size sheet

@wagurto - Glad to hear you've got used to setting the scale with that 1st dimension. 


To switch between inches and mm, tap on an empty part of the page and you will see a mm button at the bottom left mm.png .  Just tap it and all dimensions will change to inches.  You can toggle back at any stage. 


We are working on some ideas that will let you increase the page size/change scale at any time.

Re: Bigger size sheet

Thanks TJ. I am glad you are working on bigger size of paper that would be great. I was not talking about switching between inches and mm but instead I was talking the possibility of switching units from inches to feet. Dealing with a large objects, like in architecture, working in inches is very painful.

Re: Bigger size sheet

@wagurto - Got it!  We'll add feet dimensions to our list of candidate improvements.  Thanks for your very useful input.

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