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Can't Buy Drawing



I can't buy drawing package in app, since when I click on "Buy" icon it does nothing!

Eventhough I purchased publishing subscription with ease. 

What is the solution? (Surface Pro 3)






Re: Can't Buy Drawing

Hi @RezaAllami,


Sorry to hear about the difficulties you are having with your purchase.


Sometimes it can take a while for the Store UI to recognise that you have a license, even though it is already in place.  Drawing is free on Windows at the moment.


So first of all, can you help us confirm that you don't have the license?

  • If you don't have a license yet, the Drawing icon will be grey on the example pages. When you tap it, the Store UI will launch.
    • letterl.png
  • If you do have a license you will be able to turn drawing on and off and won't see the store UI start.


Regards, Tom


Re: Can't Buy Drawing

Yes, the Darwing icon is grey and when I tap it the Store UI lunches. But when I tap Buy icon nothing happens.


Re: Can't Buy Drawing

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Thanks for the info.  Can you provide us with the following and we'll try to work out what is going on.  Feel free to direct message if you prefer.


  1. Which Catchbook version do you have installed?
    1. You can find this on the info.  Tap "..." on the main toolbar, then hit the "i" button.  You'll see the version number at the top.
  2. What country are you in?
  3. What Windows version are you running?
  4. Do you see a price of "$0.00" in the store UI, or a message saying cannot connect to store?

Regards, Tom


Re: Can't Buy Drawing

1. Version:

2. I'm in Iran (I changed my IP to United States to purchase Publishing & Drawing, Publishing worked and Drawing did not)

3. Windows 10

4. I see "$0.00" price



Re: Can't Buy Drawing

[ Edited ]

Hi @RezaAllami


Catchbook is not approved for distribution to Iran, the issue you are seeing will be caused by this.


Thanks for your interest in Catchbook and for taking the time to get in touch, but unfortunately this is not something we can do anything about.


Regards, Tom

Download Catchbook:

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