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Catch book image gallery


Just a few images I've traced of CAD images from Solidedge.

Everyone feel free to keep replying with images of your projects.

IMG_2469.JPGOff-road truck chassisRearfrm.pngRear suspension trailing arm



Re: Catch book image gallery


Here's something I did during the beta-testing phase. This shows the process of moving from Catchbook through to product rendering. This whole process took about 5 minutes...once I figured a couple things out. I traced the head lamp and then moved the image out of the way. Then I created the section view. The section view was imported in CAD and revolved and then hollowed/shelled. Finally a quick renedering using Keyshot. People may not know but the out from Catchbook is dxf so you can pretty much bring your 2D data into any CAD system; not just Solid Edge.


Catchbook.pngCatchbook PageCatchbook to CAD.pngCatchbook to CAD (I did the whole page instead of a selection.)Catchbook to CAD to Render.pngRendered model from CAD data

Download Catchbook:

Download Catchbook on iOS Download Catchbook on Android Download Catchbook on Windows 10 Image Map