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Catchbook 1.5 Available Now!

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Guess what, Catchbook version 1.5 is available NOW and has some great new features!


  1. We’ve added Graph Paper. That’s right, you can now turn graph paper on or off. Curves will snap to the graph paper grid when snap mode is on. Find the new graph paper icon in the page toolbar:

  1. Speaking of Snap Mode, we’ve added the ability to turn snapping on or off. Need to move an object to just the right location? Turn snap mode off and Catchbook will stop “assisting” you when creating or editing curves. J Look for this new snap icon in the main toolbar:

  1. You can now change the number of Decimal Places shown for any dimension. You’ll find these new controls in the context menu when a dimension is selected:

  1. We’ve enhanced Dimension Priority for rectangular shapes. If you explicitly type in a dimension, then the solver will attempt to keep that dimension fixed during editing. If dimensions are overridden they will now be highlighted when it occurs.


  1. Set Dimension Direction while editing. When typing in a new value, tap one of the dimension arrows to indicate the direction you want the dimension to change. You will see the arrow turn orange. Hit enter and the dimension will update in that direction. If neither arrow is orange, the solver will attempt to grow equally in both directions (depending on constraints).


  1. Constraint Symbols will briefly appear in certain situations to make it easier to see when the solver has snapped to a particular constraint condition.


  1. We now support the System Clipboard on Windows. Select objects on your Catchbook page, copy them using the context menu or Ctrl-C, and you can then paste them as an image into Microsoft Office or other apps on Windows devices.


  1. We have added an Eraser Mode on Windows. Press hold the appropriate button* on the Surface stylus and Catchbook will go into a mode where the stylus erases objects instead of drawing ink. Give it a try!

    *Note: The eraser button varies depending on exact Windows Surface stylus type. It will be either the side button nearest the tip or the button at the base end. See this post for more information.


Oh, and one more thing: Catchbook is now available in Norway and New Zealand. This should make quite a few people on the boards and emails happy. J


We think you’ll find Catchbook 1.5 to be a great improvement. I can tell you from personal experience that drawing with graph paper and snapping turned on makes my sketch creation much faster. Thank you for your support. Let us know what you think of the improvements in the forum, and keep up the drawing!


P.S. Big things are in store for version 1.6 as well. Stay tuned!


Re: Catchbook 1.5 Available Now!

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Siemens Legend

1.5 includes many bug fixes, such as:


  • Fixed issue with time format on license checks 
  • Corrected cases where tooltips do not display correctly 
  • Double clicking a ".cb" file on Windows will open Catchbook correctly 
  • Fixed case where ellipses appear to jump during edit 
  • Fixed case where new binder icon sometimes does not appear 
  • Fixed cases where dimension previews do not show correctly 
  • Fixed cases where toolbar sometimes does not display correctly 
  • Fixed crash when switching displays on Windows 
  • Fixed intermittent crash when switching between binders on iOS 
  • Fixed issue with images appearing blurry 
  • Fixed situation where top of text not visible when editing a dimension on Android 
  • Improved performance switching between binders on iOS 
  • Improvements to scribble delete

Re: Catchbook 1.5 Available Now!

Great and very helpful improvements. Keep up the good work! Catchbook is both very enjoyable and useful to me as a mechanical engineer, and I hope it will continue to evolve and get even better. Thank you!

Re: Catchbook 1.5 Available Now!

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Siemens Legend

Thanks for the encouragement @galoivan, the team appreciates it!!!

Download Catchbook:

Download Catchbook on iOS Download Catchbook on Android Download Catchbook on Windows 10 Image Map