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Catchbook FAQ - Get Started Guide

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We put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you get started with using Catchbook. If you have a question that you don't see here, just create a new post in the forum to ask. 


We'll be updating this list as we go, so refer back to it as needed. 


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How do I create curves?

When you first start Catchbook you will be drawing ink. 

To convert your ink to curves as you draw, tap the triangular button in the middle of the page Toolbar

draw icon.jpg

When it is orange, all the ink you draw will be turned into curves you can edit


How do I turn on Active Stylus?

Some devices can tell whether it is a stylus or a finger touching the screen.   If you have such a device then you should turn on "Active Stylus" mode to get the best user experience.

e.g. Samsung Galaxy Note, Surface Pro, iPad Pro, etc.

Current versions have active stylus mode turned off by default.

To turn on active stylus mode tap more "…" on the page toolbar, then tap the grey pen button:

icon 2.jpg

The pen button is now orange and you can pan the page with a single finger drag.  Use your stylus to draw!

Note: When the active stylus mode is OFF you'll need to use 2 fingers to pan the page


How do I delete curves?

Tap a curve to select it, then hit the trash icon that appears near the curve

icon 3.jpg

Or for more control…

Scribble over the curve with a back and forward motion (note this will not work for the marker pen)

Make sure your scribble goes back and forth at least 4 times


How do I trim curves?

The scribble described above also lets you trim curves

Just scribble close to the intersection and Catchbook will do the rest

Scribble can also be used to divided a single curve into 2 separate curves


How do I edit objects with touch?

Simply tap an object to edit it

Dragging a selected object will move it around the page

2 Finger rotate will rotate the object

2 Finger pinch will scale the curve - note, you have to do quite a big pinch to get this to work for curves


How do I edit curves?

Simply tap the curve

You can edit it using the normal gestures on the curve itself

You can also drag the handles of the curve for more refined control


How do the rotate and scale handles work?

Tap the objects you want to edit

On a tablet, tap the more "…" (this is not required on a phone)

Tap the rotate or scale button

icon 4.jpg

The large handle is used to control the extent of the rotation/scale

The small handle lets you control the centre of rotation/scale

Note: the centre handle will snap to other objects (including circle centres!)


How do I make 2 lines parallel?

Select one line, drag one end handle so it over the other line so it highlights, move away

The line you are editing should now snap to parallel with the other

You can use this trick for other constraint types as well…


How do I change the pen colour/width/opacity?

Tap the pen icon on the main menu

icon 5.jpg

The settings button will edit your currently active pen

icon 7.jpg

Use the setting menu to change all the pen characteristics


How do I edit the colour/width/opacity of curves and ink that have already been drawn?

Select the curves/ink

Tap the more "…"

Tap the settings button

icon 7.jpg

Change the settings

Hint, you can draw in the white space in the settings UI to see what the objects will look like


How do I change the curve font?

Select the curves

Tap the more "…"

Choose the line icon, several curve font options will appear in the drop down list

icon 8.jpg 


How do I mirror curves?

Select a single line

Tap the more "…"

Tap the reflection line button

icon 9.jpg

The reflect line will turn purple

Now select the curves you want to reflect

Tap the more "…"

Tap the reflect button

icon 10.jpg

Mirrored copies will be created

To turn off the purple reflection line tap it again, then hit more "…" and then tap the reflect off button

icon 11.jpg


Can I group objects?

Yes - any combination of objects can be grouped

Select the objects

Tap the more "…"

Choose the group icon

icon 12.jpg

Now when you tap any group member all the members of the group will be selected

If you want to select an individual group member on its own, tap  it twice

Ungroup using the same button as group


How do I create a dimension?

Turn on Dimensioning in the page UI.

Tap more “…” and tap the ruler. 

icon 13.jpg

When this is on, every curve you touch will show preview dimensions.  Simply tap the preview to create the dimension.

If you select 2 curves it will create a dimension between them, again, tap it to persist

If you select 3 or more curves, no dimension preview is shown

Tap dimensions and drag to edit their position


How do I set the scale of my page?

When you only have one dimension on a page, editing its value will set the scale.  (Double tap a dimension to edit)

When you have 2 or more dimensions on a page, editing the value will update the curves.  The trick is to set the first dimension to a value that suits what you are drawing.



How do I edit a dimension?

Double tap the dimension text to edit the dimension value

Catchbook will update the geometry to match the value you enter

Note: Catchbook dimensions are not honoured, subsequent edits will change the dimension value.  We are investigating implementing locked dimensions.


How do I control the direction of a linear dimension edit?

To specify the direction of a dimension edit, double tap the dimension arrow you want to absorb the edit, the other end will remain stationary.


How do I add an image/photo?

Press hold on an empty part of the page or Tap more "…" on the toolbar

Tap the image or photo button

icon 14.jpg

For photo you will see your normal camera app, for image you can navigate to choose the image

When it is on the page you can move the image with one finger drag

You can resize and rotate with a 2 finger drag

You can also pin an image to the page


How do I pin an image to the page?

If you want to draw over an image, you should put it into trace mode to pin it to the page

Tap the image and hit the more "…" icon

Hit the trace mode icon

icon 15.jpg

You can now draw over the image without having to worry about re-sizing or moving it

You'll also notice it has become transparent to make the curves you draw over it easier to see


How do I export a page?

Press-hold on and empty part of the page

Tap the share button on the pop-up menu

icon 16.jpg

On Android you will see UI that lets you share to another app.

On Windows you will see a "Save As" dialog, choose the file type as normal.

Available file types for Catchbook pages: .cb (Catchbook format), .png, .pdf, .dxf, .svg

Note: .dxf and .svg will only export the curves you have on the page (not ink)

Note: you can also export a page via the navigator by dragging it to the share icon


How do I export an entire Catchbook Binder?

Go to the navigator

Press-hold, then drag a Catchbook Binder - you will see a share target appear

icon 17.jpg

Drop the page on the share target

On Android you will see UI that lets you share to another app

On Windows you will see a "Save As" dialog, choose the file type as normal

Available file types Catchbook Binders: .cb (Catchbook format), .pdf



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Re: Catchbook FAQ - Get Started Guide

How do I turn off snap in rotation for fine adjustment?
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Re: Catchbook FAQ - Get Started Guide


How to Change a Line to an Arc

Double tap the line

Select the mid point and drag


How to Change an Arc to a Line

Double tap the arc

Select the mid point of arc and drag until it snaps horizontal or vertical


Re: Catchbook FAQ - Get Started Guide

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Siemens Legend

You cannot turn off snap...yet. But we're working on it!

Re: Catchbook FAQ - Get Started Guide

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Siemens Legend

How to Change a Circle to an Ellipse

Double tap the circle

Drag either of the two radius handles that appear

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