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Catchbook Known Issues

[ Edited ]

Nobody's perfect! These are some of the issues we have found with the current versions of Catchbook. 


  • There can be a delay between when you subscribe and when you see the licensed functionality available in the app.  If this happens to you, wait 5 minutes then restart the app - everything should work after that.


You can check this list to see if we are already tracking an issue you find:



Windows: Virtual keyboard does not display when editing dimension (have to highlight text first) Fixed


Windows: Double tapping a Catchbook file in the OS will not open unless Catchbook is already running


Can't drag items with mouse in Navigator - Fixed


Android: press drag is not working well in navigator on some Android devices


More buttons appears when dimension selected - Fixed


Dragging the last Catchbook before the active Catchbook sometimes causes a crash - Fixed


Highlighter pen direction wobbles back and forth, makes a rounded corner when changing direction


Catchbook beta only runs on devices with an ARM processor (Runs on some Intel devices with emulation)


The Catchbook binder order changes when maximizing the Window size (Windows only)


Shake and Break does not work when there is a lot of content on the page


Page content shrinks into top left - Fixed


Windows free trial not working in some cases - Fixed


Crash on first launch on Windows 8.1


Close icon not working sometimes on WinRT Help dialog, have to restart app


Tutorial Button text not displayed correctly on start-up - Fixed


Small images appear large when added to page - Fixed


Binder Thumbnail quality is low


Angle Dimension Extension lines not extending correctly


Context menu overlaps dimension edit box in some cases


Catchbook will not run on some Android 7.0 devices




Re: Catchbook Known Issues

iOS app not remembering purchase of Saver Pack. Purchased yesterday but upon leaving app and returning, the store items appear as available to buy again, the advanced tools are not available for use. The 'Restore' button does not restore the purchase. Tested on iPhone 6 and iPad Air.

Re: Catchbook Known Issues

It happens the same on iPad Pro.
I would like to point as well that the palm rejection with Apple Pencil fails repeatedly. The view jumps as soon as you rest the palm. This is the only app that I've had problems with palm rejection until now.
Another thing that I find inconvenient is that the freeform stroke is very irregular using the Pencil. The slower you draw the worst it gets. It's very difficult to write text with it.
I think that this app can be great for designers, but right now these fails make it very hard to use.

Re: Catchbook Known Issues

@rimeiQuer, @Andy_Pollard.  Thank-you for letting us know about these issues.


It looks a few people are seeing glitches with iOS purchasing.  We have all hands on deck trying to resolve the problem.


It would be a great help if you could let us know some details:

  • Which country do you access the App Store from?
  • Which functionality did you subscribe to (Saver Pack, Drawing or Publishing)?
  • Were you part of our iOS beta program?
  • Did you install on more than one device?
  • What device did you install on?


We have seen one workaround, however it doesn't work for everyone:

Try hitting the Purchase button again and then cancelling the password/touch identification screen.  In some cases this restores the functionality.  If it works, you have to do this every time you re-start the app.


We'll keep you posted as we get to the bottom of this issue...


Re: Catchbook Known Issues

Hello TJ, thank you for your fast response.

- Which country do you access the App Store from? Spain
- Which functionality did you subscribe to (Saver Pack, Drawing or Publishing)? Saver Pack
- Were you part of our iOS beta program? No
- Did you install on more than one device? Yes
- What device did you install on? iPhone 6, iPad Pro. 12.9 inch

The workaround doesn't work for me. I even purchased it twice hoping that being a subscription it would only be charged once. I think that the problem started when I purchased the app for the iPhone 6 after the iPad Pro.

Re: Catchbook Known Issues

  • Which country do you access the App Store from? UK
  • Which functionality did you subscribe to (Saver Pack, Drawing or Publishing)? Saver Pack
  • Were you part of our iOS beta program? No
  • Did you install on more than one device? Yes
  • What device did you install on? iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPad Air 

Re: Catchbook Known Issues

@Andy_Pollard and @rimeiQuer thanks for the info.  If anyone else out there is seeing the issue, we'd love to hear from you as well... 

Re: Catchbook Known Issues

I’m using Sony Z3 Tablet Compact and Sony Z5 Dual Premium with latest Android 6, why from the Play Store showing not available for my devices?

Re: Catchbook Known Issues

Hi @DTSChan!


It may be due to where you live. Currently Catchbook is only available in the following countries:


Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States


Hope that answers your question.

Re: Catchbook Known Issues

Hi @rimeiQuer,


We have an update in the iOS store.  It would be great if you could update Catchbook and then report back.  It is still not clear whether this fix is working in all cases.  If there is anyone else out there seeing problems, we'd love to hear from you too.


After the update:

  • What happens when you open a page and hit the triangular recognition button on the left – does the store page still appear?
  • What version is installed?
    • Open a  page, hit “…”, then “i”, then tap the about tab to see the version
  • Did you cancel the subscription?
    • Even if you did, it should still work as you are within the trial period


Some people may experience the problem even after the update.  We’ll only know if it is fixed for sure by trying it again tomorrow. 

Download Catchbook:

Download Catchbook on iOS Download Catchbook on Android Download Catchbook on Windows 10 Image Map