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Catchbook for free for a short period of time?




First of all, Catchbook is a great software, after a few tries I liked it.


I live in Switzerland and use a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with the latest Windows 10. I just downloaded and installed the Catchbook App ( from the store. There it was indicated that for a short period of time I can download the drawing for free. When on the main view I click on the store symbol it shows me that it costs about CHF 4. So is it for free or is it not? If not, why does it show me the message that it's available for free?


Thanks in advance and kind regards


Re: Catchbook for free for a short period of time?

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Hi @Yaguel,


Glad you like the product! Thanks for catching that, it is an error in the store. We have published a correction and Drawing should show up as something you can purchase for free within 24 hours.

Download Catchbook:

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