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Catchbook not able to install



I wanted to install catchbook on my galaxy note tablet.

But I get a message that catchbook is not compatible in the android store.


It seems that my version of android is not high enough,


The problem is that there is no information available regarding the minimum android version for catchbook.

Can somebody tell me which version is needed or if the know agood android tablet (with a pen) which works with catchbook?






Re: Catchbook not able to install

Hi @Klaus,


Thanks for you interest in Catchbook.  The lowest Android version that it will run on is 4.3 (Jelly Bean).  Catchbook runs well on the Samsung Galaxy Note devices that we use for testing.  It might be worth checking to see if you can upgrade your Android version.


Regards, Tom

Re: Catchbook not able to install

Also you can see the app requirements at the bottom of the store page, including minimum Android version.

Download Catchbook:

Download Catchbook on iOS Download Catchbook on Android Download Catchbook on Windows 10 Image Map