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Catchbook updated to run on large tablets yet?


I haven't seen any notifications for updates, so thought I'd ask the question. I have an 18" tablet, Samsung View, and at first I had to install on my phone, and then transfer to my tablet. This was because it didn't show available to install when using my tablet. Has this been resolved now? It's been weeks ago, that I tried to open it on my tablet, and it says it is no longer available. Maybe it was a beta? That's as technical as you'll get from me...........

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Re: Catchbook updated to run on large tablets yet?

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Thanks for reaching out @BoatTech! We are working hard on improvements and bug fixes, you can expect an update in about a month or so.


An issue with large screen device availability on Google Play was reported during beta. We made some changes to the app manifest to explicitly support large screens but this didn't seem to fix the problem. We are making additional changes for the next update and hopefully we'll get a better result.

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