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Catchbook - useless until dimensions of an element cant be fixed?


Dear all,

maybe it is my incompetency, but I am not able to design even simple parts because of the impact of each elements dimension by the next one.


Designing a plate 20 x 50, no problem.

Putting a hole d=10 in it, no problem either.

But position the hole 20 from the short side is a nightmare.

Adding this dimension we will get e.g. 16,4. Changing this to 20 will change the long side dimension too, to 51,8.

Well, I could reposition the opposite element till the dimension shows 50 again, but that is poor and only possible within this simple example.

Why is there no way to fix a dimension?

Who is just as well annoyed about that?

Who knows a workaround for more complicated drafts?

Thanks a lot for any comment!


(By the way, I'm trying to use catchbook on a microsoft surface pro 3 with windows 10)


Re: Catchbook - useless until dimensions of an element cant be fixed?

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Hi @wk,


Thanks for getting in touch!


We are working on some enhancements to improve the workflow when editing dimensions.  At the moment, the key thing to know is that you can control the direction of a dimension edit by double tapping the arrow instead of the dimension text.  This will help in the example you provide...




Hope this helps!





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