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Drawings, sketches, technical drawings and diagrams.

Why come up with Catchbook?!?!?! Changes the size of the one and the whole scheme (drawing) is rearranged as he wants, but not as it is necessary to me! When you finalize changes to the desired size for the user side without chaotic rebuilding chartezha? I am an active user of CAD / CAM software company Siemens. And when there was Catchbook, then immediately I bought the full version in the hope of quick work of Siemens. But you guys are marking time in one place for a year. When you expect from the finished product, at least for the correct operation of modifying the obrazmerenny sketch (drawings, diagrams) ???


Re: Drawings, sketches, technical drawings and diagrams.

Hello @slava0735,


Catchbook is best as a concept drawing application. It is not a CAD system, nor will it be.


It sounds like you would like to lock dimensions as you draw. This is something we would like as well and we are investigating, but there are limitations on what can be done running an app like this nativiely on a device as small as a phone.


We have made quite a few enhancements during the last 7 months and many more are on the way. The team continues to work very hard on the product and we are not simply "marking time".


Thank you for your input.

Re: Drawings, sketches, technical drawings and diagrams.


Using NX11 professionaly, I expected no rocket sience but some pretty basic functionality. Without that catchbook seems very useless to me.

Re: Drawings, sketches, technical drawings and diagrams.

Hi @wk, @slava0735


We are currently expeimenting with some enhancements in this area.  It won't be possible to lock dimensions, but greater importance will be placed on maintaining dimensions in common update situtuations.

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