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Export low quality

PNG export of detailed drawingPNG export of detailed drawing


Is there any way to change the export resolution or quality?  I exported the above PNG and was really disappointed with the resolution.  It looks great in Catchbook, but all the fine details are pixelated in the PNG.


I bought the export subscription thinking PDF export would look better, but it does not.


Please help!  I really like Catchbook so far, but the export results so far are disappointing.


Re: Export low quality

  • Catchbook produced vector not raster. Try to export it to Solid Edge if you want to make...what it is? cableling layout or something?.

Re: Export low quality

I tried SVG, but it didn't export the free-hand drawing or keep the dash settings on the lines.


Also, I don't have Solid Edge.

Re: Export low quality

There is a free trial, dude on Siemens PLM website it is available for windows operating system only. worth it to try! Solid Edge Free Trial 45 Days 

You can't export free hand drawing as SVG it must be rendered to PNG but it seems the renderer inside the program not to good but I don't know. Maybe, try this Solid Edge 2d Drafting.


Re: Export low quality

Hello @daveconger, thanks for contacting us.


We have defects logged for poor PNG quality, exporting ink, and exporting dashed line (format). We are working to address them.

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