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How to make circles with same diameter ?

Hi everyone,


I'm new here on the catchbook forum and use SE as my first CAD. But bought catchbook to make some quick sketches when I have to do some measurements of machinery.

So I'm still a beginner but really like the concept.


I have drawn 4 circles and of coarse they have all different diameters. How can I make them equal without the need of placing a dimension



Dirk Rutten

Solid Edge STX user
Accepted by topic author Xedu
‎03-31-2017 03:05 AM

Re: How to make circles with same diameter ?

Hi @Xedu, welcome aboard!


When you draw a circle and it is close in size to an already existing circle on the page, Catchbook will in fact make it exactly the same size. Keep this in mind as you draw and you will be able to create your desired results quickly.


Also if you tap a circle and adjust the radius handle with your finger or stylus, the radius will "snap" to the size of other circles on the page as you drag the handle (other circle will turn blue).


We do not yet have a way to make a dimensional change on multiple selected objects. Something for us to work on...Smiley Happy

Re: How to make circles with same diameter ?

Hi ironmaniac,


Thanks for the reply.

I also discovered that you can align circles H/V and bring them inline.

It's a bit difficult to draw on my  6" phablet but I think I'm also gonna buy a license for my tablet

Dirk Rutten

Solid Edge STX user

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