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Issues using Catchbook


I am very confused and annoyed.
Catchbook is great. But I tried purchasing the subscription and it wouldn't work, it would not let me change my country from United States, and kept saying my Canadian postal code is incorrect.
Reopened the app, and it advertised that I could get the subscription for a one time fee rather than yearly. Ok great! So I click on it, and it says it goes through. I have more accessibility on the app. But when I try to save only two little lock symbols show up and when I click "Learn more" it says I'm subscribed.

It also keeps crashing on me. Luckily this time when I rebooted it my work wasn't lost but this is frustrating me. =[


Re: Subscribe to Catchbook Drawing

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @WhimsyNixie


Sorry to hear you are having some difficulties. Let me see what we can do to help you. Could you tell me what device you're using? That will help us in narrowing down a solution. 





Re: Issues using Catchbook

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Hello @WhimsyNixie,


Personal info such as your address is handled directly by the store, not Catchbook. If you are having trouble with that you will need to contact Apple, Google, or Microsoft depending on the store that you downloaded from.


Catchbook saves automatically, so it sounds like you are trying to share or export. You can share as either a native ".cb" file or as an image without having to purchase anything. If you wish to export to PDF, DXF, or SVG you will need to purchase the Publishing feature. If you see lock symbols then that indicates that Publishing is not purchased. Are you saying that you have purchased Publishing and it is not working?


The image below shows all of the share/export options, in this image all items are available because Publishing is purchased. The first option is for the native ".cb" format that can be opened by any Catchbook app.

CB Share.png



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