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MS Dial functionality?


Any chance we can get the MS Dial working inside of Catchbook? Or maybe having the Win 10 Inking ruler?


Re: MS Dial functionality?

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Siemens Legend

Hi @RyanM,


We are doing some preliminary investigations into how the Surface Dial could be used within Catchbook.  Let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to see. 


As far as the Win10 inking ruler, it is unlikely we will include it in Catchbook any time in the near future.


Regards, Tom

Re: MS Dial functionality?


Since he Catchbook menu structure isn't really that big and you can have multiple options setup why not port the entire menu to the Dial?

The zoom, scroll, and image rotate are a given functions for the Dial. But I'd like to see the ability to quickly change pen types, width and colors. Also having the ability to get quick access to mirror, rotate and scale functions could be included- especially since you can set an increment value to the "clicks" on the Dial.


Just my immediate thoughts.

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