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Publishing problems


I am using Catchbook on a Microsfot Surface tablet and I am having issues saving my drawings. In the tutorial videos there is a way to get to a smaller view of the pages in order to easily switch back and forth and there is a button to publish from there. I am unable to get to this view of the pages. I only have the small toolbar on the left side and arrows on the bottom to switch between pages once I have added them.


There is the button to pay for the subscriptions in the bottom right corner (I have purchased both drawing and publishing) but am for some reason no longer allowed to add a page. 


Can anyone help me figure out how to publish/save my drawings? Also does anyone know if its possible to have project folders in order to work on multiple projects at a time but keep them organized?




Re: Publishing problems

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Hi @MeredithMW,


Version 1.3 introduced the concept of a "free page" to allow users to trial without having to subscribe. This particular page does not allow you to save, add pages or publish. Sounds like you are simply stuck on that page. 


To go to the navigator either pinch zoom out until it appears, or tap the page number at the bottom of the page when it is visible. Once in the navigator you can switch to a different binder (one without the "free page") and you will be able to add pages and publish as usual. 


The "free page" should no longer show up after purchase. We apologize if this is a bug on our part, or it may be that the app will correct itself the next time it syncs with the store. 


Let us know if this resolves your isssue. 

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