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Troubleshooting: Problems when buying Drawing on Windows

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

If you have purchased Drawing but it does not seem to be working, here is a handy checklist of things you can do to troubleshoot:

  • Open the Store Dialog by pressing the "more options" CB More.pngbutton, then the "info" CB Info.png button, then the "Store" tab.
  • If Catchbook recognizes your purchase, you will see a green "purchased" label next to the Drawing entry:
    CB Store.png
  • If you see the "purchased" label, please return to your page in Catchbook and make sure that the drawing recognition mode CB Drawing.png is activated. Drawing mode should work correctly.
  • If you still see a "Buy" button after you have purchased, please check if your windows store settings are correct:
    1. Launch the Windows Store and then go to Account => My Account
    2. Confirm that the store shows the same ID as what you used to purchase with Catchbook
    3. Scroll down and confirm that the device you are using is listed under "Your PCs" as an authorized device for downloading your apps
    4. Go to Account => My Apps and confirm that Catchbook is listed
  • There is a known issue with the 1.4.308 version of Catchbook where the Windows Time and Region format needs to be "MM/dd/YYYY" to perform license checks. Please check your setting in Control Panel -> Region-> Formats -> Date and time formats and select "MM/dd/YYYY".
  • If Catchbook still does not recognize your purchase, please send the following info to in order to help us investigate your issue. The log file is particularly important for us to be able to help you:
    • Your country/region
    • Your Windows version number
    • Your hardware type (e.g. Microsoft Surface Pro 3)
    • Your Catchbook log file located at:
      C:\Users\"your user name"\AppData\Local\Packages\SiemensPLMSoftware.Catchbook_qtbmxjdagz8xc\LocalState\log.txt
      • Note: If you don't see the "AppData" folder, either type it in manually or activate the "Hidden items" setting in your explorer options under View->Show/hide

Download Catchbook:

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