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can't get it to work. Subscription



recently reinstalled catchbook. Have had a 'license' before (one of the early adpters i guess)

anyway : i went to the windows store, and downloades catchbook, and bought Drawing. This was first disappointment , since i expected it to be free, but i didn't mind too much: $3.99 for a one-time purchase still is a bargain.

So i paid the 3.99, got confirmation from the Store, but..... as you might have guessed : the Drawing function cannot be activated in catchbook...


waiting for a solution...




Accepted by topic author RobSman
a week ago

Re: can't get it to work. Subscription

Hi @RobSman, thanks for supporting us and sorry to hear about your difficulty with purchasing.


There is a known bug on Windows where if the system date format is dd-mm-yyyy then it can cause the license check to fail. Please check your date format and set it to mm-dd-yyyy and let us know if this resolves the problem. This bug will be fixed in the next release.


If this is not the problem, then please send us a log file as instructed in this post: "Troubleshooting: Problems when buying Drawing on Windows".



Re: can't get it to work. Subscription

yeah, that solved it. 

i found that once the license is active you can revert to the original date/time settingsSmiley Happy


Re: can't get it to work. Subscription

Awesome, thanks for letting us know!

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