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store connection required

I installed catchbook from windows store (windows 10 pro) but i can't buy anything because it says

***store connection required***


knows anyone wht to do?




Re: store connection required

Hi @beko,


Thanks for your interest in purchasing Catchbook.


"Store Connection Required" is the message that you see when you try and make a purchanse when your device is not connected to the internet.


If you are seeing this whilst your device is connected,  can you provide some more info to help us debug?


  • Catchbook Version (Tap the "..." on a page, then "i", then look in the "About" tab).
  • Device Make, Model and OS
  • Country


Re: store connection required

I am connected to the internet.

windows 10 pro - desktop pc

catchbook version 1.3.10491


Re: store connection required

I am using a microsoft surfacebook on Windows 10 and am connected to the internet and am having exaclty the same problem.

Re: store connection required

Hi @pattyedge,


Sorry to hear your are having trouble with the store in Catchbook.  Can you provide us with a bit more information?


  1. What country are you in?
  2. Are you connecting via a company intranet (we've seen some issues where IT departments block access to the Microsoft Store)?
  3. Have you previously subscribed to any Catchbook products (Saver, Drawing or Publishing)?
  4. What version of Windows10 are you on?
  5. What version of Catchbook are you on?



Re: store connection required

Hi Tom,


sorry for the late reply. After many attempts the problem resolved itself spontaneously.

Download Catchbook:

Download Catchbook on iOS Download Catchbook on Android Download Catchbook on Windows 10 Image Map