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zoom out in drawing


Maybe handy for in future versions: 

If I am sketsching a installation in Sketchbook (for aterwards to convert to Solid Edge), I need to start directly in the correct scale. So for bigger sketches it's realy not practical how the app now works. There is no possibility to zoom out once you have started your sketch, for example if you are drawing something in the right of te screen, and you want to ad something new to it, you can not zoom out. Maybe make it possible to ad some new 'white paper' when you started a sketch?


Re: zoom out in drawing

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Thanks @fbconstruct. This is a topic we've debated quite a few times. We have a number of ways that we could address it and hope to incorporate some of them in future releases.

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