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Add hyperlink function into drawings


, User can insert hyperlink icon in drawings. So people can:

  • Know/jump to the idea sources like an URL / Youtube etc.
  • Suppliers' link to a web page or open a contact book.
  • Other informations or files storage at another folder.

You can also put hyperlink management functions into something like Layer Manager.


Picture below for your reference. I grab this picture from one of my sketch apps.

  • Hyerinlk symbols at right side of "SUS303" and "Reference".
  • Multiple languages or math symbols support also required.

IMG_8290.PNGHyperlink icons in drawings

Stanley Hsu

Siemens Legend

Hi @Stanley-99

Thanks for the input.  We're currently working on providing simple text support.  Once this is in place it would be a natural place to extent to include hyperlinks.  Are you also thinking that it would be good to associate a url with any object on the page?




Hi Tom,


Yes, I believe it's a good idea. 


As my CAD,CAM experience. It's pretty offen to search object/block/text in a drawing or layer. For example, I receive a circuit schedmtic in DXF fotmat, and my customer ask me if "R10" is in currect position or not. And this drawing is very complex it may contain thousands of components which may spend lots of time to find where is "R10". If I can just press a prefine object in the drawing and than the screen automatic moves to the location of "R10", it will make this action very efficient. 


This function could also extend to other useful features like security control of a drawing. In my pass works it is very often to send same drawings with little differences to customer/vender/machine shop/purchase dept... The drawing for customer may not need informations/objects/layers. It will save a lot of time if this apps has these features.


Hope this helps.