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Allow increase of "paper size" or changing the scale of the sketch

Siemens Dreamer Siemens Dreamer
Siemens Dreamer

It happened to me several times that I wanted to add something to a relatively complex sketch which would not fit an the sketching area. Reducing the displayed size of the sketch w/o changing its dimensions did not work. An automatic increase of the size of the sketching area (formerly known as paper size) would have been great.

Siemens Legend

Thanks @5uahrq, we are working on some ideas for this.


Re the sheet size being very limited, you say you're working on it, how are you doing? 


I have discovered this... 

Draw a line across the page, either horizontal or vertical, approx 90% across the Page. Dimension it, THEN ALTER DIMENSION to a value that will suit the design size. This then sets the scale of drawing on page.


 Sorry, this isn't 'Changing the set size', but rather, setting the size...