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Dot grid background


Someone has already submitted an idea about a grid in the background here. I think that a grid background is super useful while sketching engineering drawings and ideas. 


I also think that given the minimalistic approach of catchbook (which I really love), a dot grid is perphas better suited than line based grids. Here is a picture of what it might look like.



Siemens Legend

Hi @Indranil_leo,


We're getting ready to publish a new update that includes the grid function.  Based on this post, we did discuss whether it should be dots or a full grid.  The full grid won for now, however it is very faint and will hopefully keep things simple.  The cool thing is that your curves snap to the grid as you draw and edit.  It really makes drawing simple shapes even easier, personally I find it very useful when working without a stylus on a phone.  We look forward to hearing what you think.



Siemens Legend

We liked the idea of a dot grid but from a snapping and solver standpoint we chose not to support "dots". When we allowed dots, users would frequently create them accidentally when drawing and not know that they were there. The dots would then cause snapping and the solver to behave in an unexpected fashion. A dot grid would be more structured/rigid, but it creates a lot of extra objects on the page.


We have implemented a grid in Catchbook 1.5 as discussed here. It is a line grid which avoids the above issues, and minimizes the number of extra curves on the page to keep performance high.