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The current catchbook is simple yet powerful. I have started to make most of my technical sketches on Catchbook. But when I color/shade my sketches, the color overflows and hides the sketched boundaries (if alpha is 100%) as I apply color/shade after making the outlines. I wish I could just "push" the color to a layer below the outline sketch layer. Other times, I wish I could draw certain items on different layers so that I could selectively make the layers visible/invisible depending on need. So, I really hope to see a simple "layers" feature in Catchbook in future.  


Please add this feature - it would be brilliant!

Siemens Legend

Hi @Indranil_leo,


Its great to hear that you are finding Catchbook to be a really useful tool.  At the moment we are not working on any locking or layers, but we have had quite a few disucssions about the simplist way to achieve what you are after.  We are working on an area fill capability which should make it a lot easier for you to add colour to your drawings without having to worry about layers (though this won't be in the next update)